A Day at MadFest

Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta, as we took to the stand (and stage) at our first live event this year – MadFest. Known for their innovative events that pack a punch with no-nonsense, relevant content, here’s our Incubeta highlights from the 2 day extravaganza.

Matilda Rose Moir

Cutting Through the BS

On day one our global Director of Strategy, Damien Bennett took to the stage, to discuss all things digital and why the digital transformation narrative lets businesses down. Ironically titled ‘Cutting Through the BS’ Damien’s 15 minute session shone a spotlight on the use of digital and technology to drive growth, and 3 key things that businesses need to think about to amplify their performance.

Upgraded Creative: Brands need to start thinking about their creative through a digital lens. When you add interactive units to your ads you can increase your engagement levels by 10x. And the higher the engagement, the lower the required media investment to achieve the same result. In short, higher engagement leads to far better results with the same level of media investment.

Brilliant Business Integration: Brands should be aligned with their overarching priorities – integrating their business data into their marketing strategy, and investing in areas that make a difference. We should be questioning ourselves ‘are we spending our budget to support areas that need it the most?’ ‘are we featuring the right products in our marketing?’ and using business data can help provide the answer.

Richer Reporting: Marketers need to be asking themselves how much their reporting is really telling them. Putting pressure on your reporting allows you to gain a more granular understanding of your consumer; who they are, what they are buying and how they bought it. Better reporting equals better decisions.

With so much noise in the industry, you need to be ruthless and relentless and, appropriately so, ‘Cut Through the BS’. It’s better to do fewer things really well, than try to change everything. 

Re-Introducing Incubeta

Following on from the success of our rebrand in April, we were thrilled for the opportunity to showcase our vibrant new look and re-introduce Incubeta at the first live industry event of the year. Our new positioning represents the next chapter in our own growth story – knocking down the silos of marketing and bringing our specialist teams together to build world-class solutions that deliver meaningful growth. Channelling our mantra of ‘Upgrading Your Growth’ we loved showing off our branding and connecting with brands, both new and old – helping like minded people rethink their growth strategy.  

Incubeta Team, MadFest

Bloomin’ Brilliant

With 5 stages, and a stellar list of speakers, drawn from the likes of Lego, Diageo, Gymshark, Marks & Spencer, Monzo, and more we were certainly treated to a plethora of fantastic talks. However our favorite was undoubtedly that of Bloom & Wild’s Brand & Communications Director, Charlotte Langley who shared the story and marketing innovations that have made them UK’s top-rated and the fastest-growing online flower company in Europe. A fantastic talk with some great takeaways and a chance to hear about Bloom & Wild’s ‘Thoughtful Marketing Movement’ in more detail. 


Brew-tiful Espresso Martinis

An absolute show-stealer for us had to be the Ripples Espresso Martini bar. Ripples’ technology-powered marketing platform helps brands boost sales, build awareness, and strengthen bonds with customers through images and messages printed on foam-topped drinks. We think a ripples bar could be at an Incubeta event near you soon, doesn’t our logo look great!

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