5G: The New Frontier.

Perhaps the biggest opportunity we are excited for is the rollout of 5G which is set to offer technological advancements that will make for major changes in the future.

Ruthie Pinion

Basic benefits of the switch to 5G include faster download/upload speeds, less time lag, and more connectivity, which users experienced after the leap from 3G to 4G LTE. 5G will also enable greater proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT)-compatible devices that are already starting to become staples in households. 

5G presents new marketing and media opportunities, such as interactive video, better AR/VR experiences, and advanced mobile gaming. These emerging technologies, partnered with improved internet connection, have the power to shape the industry in the long-term, especially if businesses are adequately prepared.

One of the biggest questions is who will provide the technology. Huawei, China’s chosen company to spearhead its 5G endeavour, has secured over 50 commercial contracts around the globe. For some, this is an incredibly controversial decision. Specifically, the US is actively discouraging its intelligence partners from working with the Chinese mobile telecommunications provider in favour of working with only “trusted sources”. 

For the time being, however, Huawei has been earmarked for Britain’s 5G rollout. Having helped to build the UK’s broadband, 3G and 4G services, Huawei was the obvious choice to continue to develop the network. Naturally, this is causing some tensions with our Trans-Atlantic partners. 

The rollout is already in motion, with EE and Vodafone already having 5G services in London and half a dozen major UK cities with that number expected to double by the end of the year. O2 and Three are expected to start switching on cities in the final quarter of the year.

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