5 Minutes with Jonathan Nerbe; Managing Director of Incubeta Germany

In our latest ‘5 Minutes With’ we sat down with Jonathan Nerbe, the new Managing Director of Incubeta Germany. After three and a half years as Managing Director at Jellyfish, Jonathan spoke to us about digital transformation, expanding Incubeta’s foothold in DACH and what it means to be part of the Incubeta family.

Matilda Rose Moir

1: What drew you to work with Incubeta?

I always enjoyed helping companies build and scale up their DACH business. Incubeta is at the beginning of this journey but offers a portfolio of services that the market demands. Also the close relationship to our main technology partners Google and Amazon as well as Incubeta´s outstanding expertise on their technologies make me feel very confident that I’m at the right place and that the best is yet to come.

2: How have you found your experience here so far?

I had a very warm welcome and the chance to meet a big part of the team already in person. Since I would consider myself as a people person, this is very important for me and I’m thankful that it worked so well. Joining the business from a company with a similar value proposition it’s interesting to see the different approaches to similar challenges. What has been very impressive so far are the quick turnaround times and the agile way of working. There is always room for improvement but everyone in the company seems to be willing to go that path and is open to new ideas.

3: What expertise are you looking to bring to Incubeta Germany?

Incubeta’s mission is to upgrade our clients’ growth but my personal mission is to upgrade Incubeta´s growth in the German speaking markets. This is basically what I have been doing since I started my professional career. Of course everything starts with the team, since our business is 100% people centric.  Building, scaling and coaching teams has always been the part of my daily business that gave me the biggest satisfaction. The same counts for our client and partner portfolio. What I found when I joined Incubeta was an already strong business, so I’m really looking forward to supporting the team in strengthening the existing relationships and developing new ones. That’s what I love to do and that’s what I’m good at.

4: How do you see yourself growing the business?

The cool thing about Incubeta is that, as we have so many capabilities in our portfolio, we have so many different levers to grow our business. Our industry is in a transition phase and advertisers need partners who can guide them carefully in the new era and understand the impact for their businesses. We can help advertisers with execution, consulting, technology or all of them on different platforms. I can’t think of a business we won’t find a topic with and I want to help engage these conversations on a client and partner level. With our marketplace unit Maze One entering the market our possibilities will increase further so it will also be part of daily business to connect the dots and to make sure that we are able to understand the challenges of our clients and to identify the right solutions within our portfolio. Since many German companies have understood the importance but are still at the beginning of their digital transformation, the demand for our services and therefore the room for the growth of Incubeta are very promising.


Want to learn more? Check out our last 5 Minutes with Tim Van Der Bilt; Incubeta Maze-One’s Founder & CEO”. Like the sound of Incubeta? We’re always looking for the most talented people to join our global team – the ones that can make a real difference to our business and clients. If you’re interested in a career at Incubeta, take a look at our open job postings



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