3 Minutes of Digital: Privacy

At Incubeta, we pride ourselves on being an effective, communicative full-service digital agency. Bringing individuals together to help businesses create growth opportunities in the digital space. And that’s where our web series ‘3 Minutes of Digital’ comes in – where we sit down with experts from across our global business to break down important areas of digital marketing – all in just three minutes.

Rebecca Archibald

In our latest edition, we’re looking at ‘Privacy’ and discussing the latest changes in the privacy sphere. 

Episode 1

Featuring our Netherlands-based Digital Consultant Cecila Norberg, our first episode explores the current privacy situation, and the role publishers play in transitioning away from third-party cookies.  

Want to learn more about third-party cookies? Read our latest whitepaper where we explore the impact that the loss of third-party cookies will have on SEO, Creative, Paid Media (Display/Search/Social), Ecommerce, Marketplaces, Technology and Measurement.

Access Full Whitepaper Here


Episode 2

In our second episode Diana Guido, Data & Analytics Consultant for Incubeta Southern Europe, discusses data ownership and the importance of complying with data privacy laws.

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