21 Questions with Incubeta UK

At Incubeta we are more than the work we do and the clients we have. We strive to be a company that our employees are proud to be a part of. With a team of over 800 creators, thinkers, and doers, we create powerful, life-changing relationships that drive exceptional results and award-winning performance. And we’d like you to meet the faces behind I Incubeta…

Lauren Church

Check out our 21 Questions with Incubeta video for an insight into our culture, offices, and learn about the different roles and committees we have at Incubeta UK plus meet some of the people that make Incubeta special!

Our Culture 

Our power is our people, and without them, we are only a shell of what we can achieve. Our values are there to inspire growth, and confidence amongst our teams, encourage them to be daring and try new things, lead on innovation and use new technology to exceed expectations, earn the trust of our stakeholders and help our team achieve success.

To us, Dare to Lead means exploring new ideas, taking risks, and going against the odds. It means putting yourself out there and learning new things. At Incubeta, we believe in breaking barriers to do more, and be bold when making decisions in a smart and creative way. Exceeding Expectations is what sets us apart from the competition. The Earn Trust value is important to us as it defines how we want to work with each other and how we work with our clients. In our business, we have such a diverse group of people, who come from different backgrounds and have different strengths and passions. Having Help Others Succeed as one of our core values means people open up easily and reach out when they do need help, and creates a welcoming and understanding culture, where everyone is as pleased for others’ successes as their own.

Say hello to our Committees 

We have a range of Committees that have been formed to allow our people the opportunity to be involved in shaping and improving important aspects of our world.

DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) Committee

Our DEI Committee strives to be diverse in the presence of difference, to have fair processes and programs that provide equal outcomes for every individual, and be inclusive, making sure every person feels comfortable and supported to be their authentic self. Some recent highlights include our office clothes swap which raised money for Black History Month, and our Diversity in Digital event which celebrated people of color within the digital marketing industry. Meet Elizabeth and Ethan in our video, two members of the DE&I committee to hear more about the initiatives they’re working on at the moment!

Mental Wellbeing 

Employee well-being is a key focus for Incubeta and we want to make sure that we’re providing the resources, tools, and means necessary to help our employees maintain their overall wellbeing, and mental health. A few highlights include; many of our staff completing the Royal Parks Half Marathon,  the introduction of ‘me days’, well-being Wednesdays, and our get home safe policy. Meet Leo and Sam in our video, two members of the Mental Wellbeing committee to hear more about their favorite initiatives.

Social Committee 

Our social committee organizes social events throughout the year, to celebrate achievements and bring everyone together. Meet Matilda, the chair of SoCo to get a glimpse of our Easter party and hear about our upcoming Christmas party!

Sustainability Committee 

We strive to be industry-leading for our work in sustainability, driving positive change for our people., clients and partners. We help our people live more sustainable lives inside and outside through top tips and by creating a working environment that promotes sustainability. Meet Andrew, Rachel and Danielle in our video, to hear about our largest sustainability project this year – our carbon offsetting initiative.

Thank you for visiting our UK Offices! We hope it gave you an insight into life at Incubeta. 

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