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Incubeta’s Digital Footprint Pledge

An increased push for energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, electric mobility – along with the growing digitalization movement and a universal carbon pricing structure – would speed up the carbon-free future and the rise of a global middle class we desperately need. We can and must all do our part– Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens AG

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Preparing for Peak Season; Why you’re Never Too Late…

With November upon us, and the festive season fast approaching, it’s important to reiterate the criticality of establishing a solid game plan to navigate one of the most competitive periods in digital marketing – and ultimately capitalize on the drastic increase in consumer spending levels.

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Playing Devil’s Advocate – Incubeta’s Answer to Industry Noise

Few can argue that the marketing industry isn’t synonymous with technical jargon, ‘buzz’ topics and following-the-herd mentality. The nature of our market demands it, and as such we often find ourselves regurgitating information and opinions that already saturate the marketing space – adding to the noise, rather than disrupting it.

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Getting Spooky with Lovehoney – Using Halloween as a Sales Springboard

Friday 31st October is once again upon us, yet today’s variation of Halloween is somewhat more advanced than the traditional trick n’ treating we’ve come to know, and love.

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Cutting Through the Digital BS

In an industry that’s littered with buzzwords, perhaps the marketers favourite of current is “Digital Transformation”. Despite the exorbitant use of this term, it appears to be as though there’s no clear definition on what “Digital Transformation” actually means for marketing.


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A Day at Affiliate Huddle

Last week the Incubeta UK team attended and took to the stage at Affiliate Huddle, a one-day conference dedicated to affiliate marketing at the Brighton Centre. Affiliate Huddle celebrates best practice, encourages knowledge sharing, and creates healthy debate in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

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Digital & Corporate Responsibility in a Privacy-Centric World

We live during a confluence of two seemingly opposing forces within the world of commerce. On one hand, digital acceleration and maturation is an imperative for brands to embrace, yet on the other hand, in order to adapt to the modalities of evolving regulations, brands need to handle consumer data responsibly. And striking the right balance between the two appears a seemingly insurmountable task for many.

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Improving your Ecommerce User Experience

While potentially that of a stuck record statement, there’s no denying the colossal change we’ve witnessed in consumer behaviour over the last 18 months as a result of the Covid pandemic. Accompanying this change in behaviour was a substantial increase in the value placed on ecommerce as a channel and with retailers across the globe opening up their doors, the role that ecommerce plays is more important now than ever before.

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Specialist Spotlight: 5 Minutes with Bridget Hoepner, Incubeta’s SEO Analyst

In our latest Specialist Spotlight piece, we sat down with Bridget Hoepner, our SEO Analyst based out of Cape Town who’s now a (virtual) member in the London office. With over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry Bridget spoke to us about the changing landscape of SEO and how it’ll be the hot topic of conversation in the months to come.


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Building a New Game Plan for Consumer Action

2020 was undoubtedly a year without precedent. As Covid-19 swept across the globe, we witnessed a colossal shift in the role that digital channels play. Lockdowns came into effect and everyone was forced to do more online causing usage rates of digital solutions to spike.