Web Analytics

solutions-Web-AnalyticsOur individually qualified google analytics analysts help clients through the process of getting web analytics to work harder and smarter – directly influencing decisions made in campaign optimisation

What We Do

  1. Google Analytics Audit and Implementation
  2. Monthly/Quarterly Reports including Analysis
  3. UI Analysis & AB Testing
  4. Adhoc Support – Configuration, Testing, Optimisation & Analysis
  5. Training Workshops

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Our Approach

Our approach, which defines our services and processes, can be split into three interconnected spheres of Measure, Reporting and Optimisation.

  • Quality data is the foundation of effective analysis. Using advanced tracking techniques and tools ensure the right data is tracked in the right way.
  • Reporting without analysis yields no insights. Create meaningful reports with key insights to quickly inform and empower decision makers.
  • Insights without action, yields no results. Turn insights gained from data analysis, to develop practical actions and run optimisation projects to boost conversion rates and impact the bottom line.

Project Process

  1. Understand the Client and their Business
  2. Translate the Business Goals into online KPIs
  3. Tracking Audit and Implementation
  4. Report Review
  5. Analyse and Action

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