The Power of Creative and CTV: How to Drive Results

The Power of Creative and CTV: How to Drive Results

A webinar for US audiences who want to maximize success through creative & CTV campaigns.

Aug 4

1 hour



With an estimated 4,000 to 10,000 ads being served to Americans each day it’s certainly becoming harder to stand out.

People are increasingly more adept at ignoring marketing, and as competition within the industry ramps up, it’s getting harder for brands to cut through the clutter. And with CTV in the mix, on an ever increasing trajectory, the opportunity for advertisers is bigger than ever.

As a result, the question we see being asked time and time again is – how can I make my message resonate?

The answer: through crafting powerful creative campaigns that speak to your audience, bypass the competition and deliver real results. Join us at our upcoming webinar where we’ll be showcasing the true power of creative, exploring how this works with CTV. Our industry experts will be discussing key themes and highlighting top tips for success, including:

  • Best Practices for Creative Campaigns
  • Creative Effectiveness & Measurement
  • Bridging the Gap Between Screens with Connected TV

Register today and learn how you can harness the power of creativity to transform your advertising. 


Andrew Henry

Chief Client Officer - Incubeta

Isabella Jaye

Head of Strategy & Partnerships - SpeakEasy Political

Craig Brown

Head of Delivery - Incubeta

Jade Arenstein

Global Service Lead: Analytics, Data and BI - Incubeta


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