Getting Ready For GA4 – APAC

Getting Ready For GA4

An interactive webinar for our Australian & wider APAC audiences.

Jun 1

30 minutes



On the 16th of March, Google announced the official timeline for the sunsetting of Universal Analytics.  On July 1st, 2023 Standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. As the new analytics 360 version was introduced recently, Universal Analytics 360 will receive an additional three months of new hit processing before they also end on October 1st.

With the end very much in sight, now is the time to make Google Analytics 4 your cross-platform Analytics solution. July 1st is a significant date for AU / APAC markets, as it directly ties into the dawn of the new financial year.

A significant amount of information has been written about Google Analytics and regardless of whether you use it as your source of truth or not, the sunsetting of Universal Analytics will undoubtedly raise some questions. Here at Incubeta, we want to use our expertise as one of four global GMP Partners; to help you prepare for these changes, and offer you continued support along the way.

This live Q&A session will cover some of the following topics;

  • Key FAQ’s about the sunset of Universal Analytics 
  • Why GA4 should be top priority for marketers 
  • Other GMP stack platforms in relation to these changes. 

Got a question? Register for our upcoming webinar on the 1st June 2022 at 11am AEST.

As one of four global GMP partners, Incubeta has the expertise to be on hand to answer these questions, and to provide support for those who need it ahead of these changes. Join our GA4 and analytics experts on this half an hour live Q&A session and let us talk you through the future of analytics as we know it. 

Want to learn more about Incubeta’s GA4 support offering? Take a look at our dedicated page & get in contact today.


Sam Shennan

Managing Director - Incubeta Australia

Rod Jacka

Managing Director - Incubeta Panalysis

Salonee Bermecha

Digital Consultant - Incubeta Panalysis


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