Essential Guide: Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Our latest Essential Guide by Senior Performance Manager, Jack Carr, will provide you with the integral building blocks for high-performing Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

2020 has proved to be a turbulent year so far. As the idea of the “new normal” starts to become reality, there are still questions about what this will mean practically for day-to-day life, the economy, and individual businesses. 

Despite the rapid and unrelenting shift in consumer behaviour, one of the biggest observable trends has been a huge increase in the use of, and engagement with, social media platforms over the last 3 months. A natural consequence of global lockdowns, there are reports that 50% of US adults are using social media more since the pandemic began – and half of that group increasing their usage by 1-3 hours per day (eMarketer). The resulting depressionary effects on CPMs have, for some verticals, brought them down to levels not seen in years. Whilst in some areas these have grown back to pre-crisis levels, there still remains significantly inflated volume as well as cost efficiencies for savvy advertisers.

For those who are in a position to take advantage, this environment presents a clear opportunity for advertisers to grow their presence on social media in a cost-effective way. When most brands are facing severe strains on their cash flow and budget, making your ad spend work harder must form a crucial aspect of your campaigns. Paid Social will give you an avenue to do this. 

This whitepaper will provide you with the essential building blocks for high-performing Facebook and Instagram campaigns. As these platforms represent the bulk of current media spend, as well as boast some of the highest consumer volumes, we’ve chosen to focus specifically on these two channels – but much of our guidance can be applied to other channels too. 

Our aim is to help you create high performing social campaigns that are worth more than the sum of their parts.