GA4 applied to eCommerce

There is no doubt that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) helps to facilitate and enhance business results in different types of industries such as retail, banking, auto, education, life insurance, however, you may not yet take advantage of all the tools that offers the platform and especially on this occasion we will focus on use cases applied only to eCommerce sites.


Predictive audiences

This new functionality serves to generate high-value audiences and will allow us to intelligently target customers. With it you don’t need to configure any event because it automatically analyzes all the digital traces or interactions made by the user.

First, it is important to activate the data (first party data) that we obtain in the collection within our own e-commerce platforms (purchase or in_app_purchase) throughout the consumer journey:

Pre-purchase – in campaigns that attract traffic and potential buyers

During the purchase – a measurement with simple elements of the user journey becomes relevant

Post-purchase – for remarketing

Check if you have a thousand transactions during the last 30 days and data accumulated in that period in order to start generating a model.

Among the metrics that result from predictive audiences are:

Probability of purchase: that a user active in the last 28 days registers a conversion in the next 7 days 

Abandonment probability: that a user active in your app or website in the last 7 days is not active in the next 7 days.

Revenue Prediction: Purchase conversions made within 28 days by a user who has been active in the last 28 days.

On the other hand, once GA4 does the analytics with this implementation, it can return five different types of audiences:

Type of Hearing Time Frame

  1. Buyers likely to churn 7 days
  2. Users with probability of abandonment 7 days
  3. Potential buyers 7 days
  4. Potential new buyers 7 days
  5. Users who are expected to spend more 28 days

The above will help you make more precise segmentations for your campaigns, generate remarketing audiences, implement strategic adjustments to your eCommerce offer, or create campaigns for new customers.

Do you want to learn step by step how to implement them and what kind of audience serves new objectives? Enter the following link of our GA4 in Practice webinar .

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