Founded in 2003 as Clicks2Customers in Cape Town and 2004 as Net Media Planet in London, NMPi was established in 2016 with clients and offices around the world. With a collective experience in delivering best-in-class digital advertising campaigns, NMPi runs complex campaigns for clients across the globe. Whether Europe or Australia, Southern Africa or the United Kingdom, no matter where you meet with NMPi, they are passionate about helping ambitious brands grow and realise their full potential.

Having worked across a wide range of industries including fashion, retail, finance and travel, NMPi offers their clients rich data and valuable insights. NMPi has a personal, customer-centric approach to every account, considering your needs and goals and making them our own. As industry leaders, NMPi has earned the trust of their clients.

NMPi’s approach to digital advertising combines innovative technology and a talented team of data driven analysts. With resources and people on the ground (around the world), NMPi’s in-depth local market knowledge and digital expertise helps drive results.

NMPi is a respected and trusted partner for your brand.

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