Blog | Incubeta - Part 11

In-Housing Makes Waves.

One of the biggest trends we have seen this year is the growing interest in in-housing, with direct platforms like Google and Facebook making it appear easy to self-serve. The moment has even gained enough traction for the incoming head of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Nigel Vaz, to officially note it as a major issue for agencies. 

Privacy Rules Supreme.

Last year’s GDPR legislation certainly shook things up for advertisers, and we can expect more to come throughout 2020. In a continued effort to clean up programmatic, the ICO have placed digital advertising – in particular Real Time Bidding (RTB) – under scrutiny. The industry has until Christmas to demonstrate that we can still target users, while still respecting their privacy.

Oh the Possibilities.

It is expected that the world, and the digital landscape in particular, will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 50. With the advent of 5G, our changing relationship with personal data and a shift in the way consumers are choosing to spend their money, we’re already beginning to see this play out.